The privilege of being able to carry concealed for self defense, without possessing an AZ CCW Permit may seriously compromise your life and your loved ones lives. Please take a moment to read the reasons why you should possess an AZ CCW Permit and not strictly rely on the new Constitutional Carry Law.


Effective July 29, 2010, the new Arizona Constitutional Carry Law permits Arizona citizens the right to carry a concealed firearm without a concealed carry permit.

The new Arizona laws re-affirm the right of Americans in Arizona to defend themselves with a concealed weapon. Arizona will continue to issue the Arizona Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) Permit to qualified citizens.

You may ask yourself….why would I want an AZ CCW Permit when I am allowed to carry concealed without a permit. The following are some of the possible life saving reasons.

1. Arizona CCW Permit Holders are entitled to reciprocity with as many as 36 other states, while in possession of an AZ CCW Permit, provided you follow the gun laws for the state you are visiting. Without the AZ CCW Permit, you may be in violation of several state laws while carrying concealed in these states.

2. Arizona CCW Permit Holders may enter a commercial establishment which serves alcoholic beverages, while carrying concealed, provided the establishment allows firearms on their premises and provided you personally do not indulge in the consumption of any alcoholic beverage.

3. Arizona CCW Permit Holders have NO wait period when purchasing a new firearm. You may forgo the NICS background check as your background has already been thoroughly checked.

4. A CCW Permit, under Federal Law, is required in order to have a firearm in your possession when you are within 1000 feet of a school ground

5. Finally, taking our new Basic Pistol/CCW Courses is of paramount importance in order to make certain that you are familiar with applicable Arizona Gun laws and statutes regarding the use of deadly force, interfacing with law enforcement, restricted and/or prohibited places of carry (Gun Free Zones) and last but not least, the importance of safe gun handling in your home, place of business or while out in public. Other important topics covered in this course by our highly qualified and experienced instructors, are the importantance of defensive positioning and proper Mindset (mental conditioning).