Travel classes in SO Cal are $99

Includes: Education, and Paperwork

Let our Police Officer Instructors teach you the laws about when and where you can legally use force on another person in self defense.  In our class we focus on the Lawfull use of force in self defense.  This is not a shooting class and will not teach you how to operate your handgun.  This class will focus on providing you the information you need to know when you can use your handgun to protect yourself and others legally. 

DPS is strongly recommending you obtain digital (non ink) fingerprints. This is the DPS preffered method with a low chance of being returned.  ADFT is one of the few companies to offer this service.  Get digital prints and dont risk the chance of delay in getting your permit. We will have a vendor onsite to offer live scan prints for  $30 for the required 2 cards. 

Qualifies for AZ permit/valid in 38 States