Why do non AZ residents get the AZ permit?

Most non AZ residents get the AZ Permit for several reasons.  The primary reason is that sometimes it is difficult to obtain a CCW permit in their home state (example CA).  Some of the states, usually the ones that touch the East and West Coast have laws that allow them to select who they issue permits to (May issue).  Arizona is one of the states that if you qualify to own a gun they will issue the AZ permit (Shall issue).

The AZ permit allows the holder to lawfully conceal carry in 31 states (Resiprocity).  If you were a resident of AZ,the permit  would be valid in 37 states.  6 states choose not to honor the permit if you dont live in AZ (these states are in yellow on the map.

Arizona is a constitutional carry state, which means you are not required to have a permit to conceal carry.  However there are limitations to the Constitutional Carry vs Permit Carry.

  • If you have a permit you can carry into a place that serves liquor, if you dont have a permit you cannot.
  • If you have a permit you are permit to possess a handgun (unloaded) while on school property, If yo do not have a permit the mere possession loaded or not would be a violation of the Gun Free Scool Zone Act.