Arizona Defensive Firearms Training has been training students in CCW and firearms in Arizona since 1992. We are one of the longest running CCW and training companies in the State of Arizona. Our company trains thousands of students each year.

The company was originally started by Rick Barkett, a former LAPD officer. It is now Owned by James Smith a now Reserve Phoenix Police Officer after 31 years of full time service. Our instructors are full time Police Officers,Retired or Retired but still serving as Reserve Police Officers with decades of experience.

We offer basic through advanced training on operation of your personal self-defense handgun. We have been training armed civilians for over 25 years. Most people don’t want to come to a class to learn how to be Navy Seal, and we get that. We will provide you training that will be practical and easy to use, and geared towards our average students who are mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, husbands and wives. We have taught students from their 20’s to their late 80’s. Everyone deserves to learn how to protect themselves.

We highly recommend taking training from someone who has carried a gun for a living, has operated in high risk situations, and has been teaching for many years. When you choose a training company choose wisely, we have decades of experience in teaching, and our instructors are seasoned professionals who have been involved in many critical incidents.

ADFT Instructors:

Retired Sergeant James Smith 
James started his police carrer at 30 plus years ago.  He spent 26 years as a first responder to include patroll, training officer, Rapid Deployment unit.   He served as a superviosr for over 20 yeasr where he worked multiple high risk assignments. He spend over 4 years representing police officers involved in critical incidents as well as labor issues.  He finished his career  assigned to the firearms unit and Employee assitance unit.

Current and past instructor certifications:

  • AZPOST Defensive Tactics
  • AZPOST Impact weapons
  • AZPOST chemical weapons (OC and Mace)
  • Taser M26. X26
  • Surefire Low Light Instructor
  • Force On Force
  • Force Science Institute graduate
  • NRA Police Pistol Instructor
  • NRA Police shotgun instructor
  • NRA Police Patrol Rifle Instructor
  • AZ Post Patrol Rifle Instructor
  • AZ Post Police Firearms Instructor
  • NRA Tactical Shooting Instructor

Officer Frank Marino
Frank started his law enforcement career with the Army National Guard, where he served as a Military
Policeman, Team, and Squad Leader. His Military career includes service in Operation Desert Shield and
Desert Storm, followed by an assignment on a Joint Counter-Narcotics Task Force. He was hired by the
Phoenix Police Department in 1994 and served nearly 20 years of his career in Patrol, where he was a
Field Training Officer and a Patrol Rifle Operator. In addition to his regular duties as a sworn officer, for
more than 20 years, Frank was actively involved with the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, PLEA,
where he served as a field representative and an elected member of the Board of Trustees. He spent
nine and a half years at the executive level of the Association as Secretary and recently retired from his
full-time assignment representing officers involved in labor issues and critical incidents. During his time
with PLEA, Frank represented numerous officers involved in involved in on-duty serious vehicle
collisions, in-custody deaths, and use of force incidents, including officer-involved shootings.

Frank has the following training and certifications:
 AZ POST General Instructor
 AZ POST Firearms Instructor
 National Rifle Association Pistol Instructor
 Force Science Institute Certification Course
 AELE Lethal and Less Lethal Force Seminar
 LRIS Internal Affairs and the Use of Force Seminar
 Alexis Artwohl’s Investigating Use of Force Seminar
 Phoenix Police Department Tactical Handgun Course
 Phoenix Police Department Advanced Handgun Course
 Phoenix Police Department Patrol Rifle Course
 Rio Salado Investigator Training Course
 United States Army Basic Combat Training
 United States Army Military Police School
 United States Army Military Police Counter-Drug SWAT School
 United States Army Instructor Trainer’s Course

Officer Cody Smith
Cody has been teaching firearms since 2012 teaching at Shooters world and ADFT, prior to becoming a full time Police Officer.
Cody has worked with several agencies to include Phoenix, Maricopa and he is now proudly serving the city of Peoria.   He is a Certified NRA Instructor, and Parol Rifle operator and Swat team member.  He teaches Pistol,Rifle, and CCW.