Classes in SO CAL are $99 

Includes: Education, and Paperwork

DPS is strongly recommending you obtain digital (non ink) fingerprints. This is the DPS preffered method with a low chance of being returned.  ADFT is one of the few companies to offer this service.  Get digital prints and dont risk the chance of delay in getting your permit. We will have a vendor onsite to offer live scan prints for  $30 for the required 2 cards. 

Qualifies for AZ permit/valid in 38 States

courses meet the requirements by DPS for your Arizona CCW permit.  Since 2010 there has been no shooting required to obtain the permit.   

This course is designed with time management in mind.  It has no shooting and is held in an air conditioned classroom.  We will focus on use of force in a self defense setting, current laws as they apply to CCW, travelling armed in the US,  and law enforcement interaction,  We  also cover restricted and prohibited carry locations in Arizona and more, all taught to you by a police officer.  We will provide you with all the paperwork you will need as well as fingerprinting.  This class teaches you when you can legally use your gun in self defense.  To learn how to physically use your gun, take our fundamentals class which can be done in group and private classes

You do not need to be an Arizona resident to  qualify for the Arizona CCW permit.  You must be a US Citizen if you reside outside of AZ or permanent Resident or US Citizen if you live in AZ.

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Classes  Saturday or Sunday mornings, and Thursday nights at Ben Avery Range campus

Step 1: Pick a class date and time from below, sign up and pay online. Without payment your seat is not reserved, so make sure you click the confirm registration button in the middle of the page and then pay the $69 class fee.  This includes tuition,and paperwork. You will get  (3) total emails (1) for registration, (1) for payment, and  (1)  24hrs prior to the class to confirm your reservation and location.  If you dont, check your spam and junk files.
Step 2: Attend the 3hr class which includes: tuition and paperwork.  We will have a fingerprint vendor onsite to provide no ink ditigal (live scan) fingerprints for $30 for two digital print cards.  Let us know 24hrs in advance if you cant make it and we will reschedule you.
Step 3: After the class, obtain a cashiers check or money order for Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZDPS) for $60.  This is in addition to the $69 course tuition you paid to attend the class.  This check goes directly to AZDPS (State Police) for doing the background check and issuing the permit.  Mail in your packet we provided you which will now include your check made out to  “AZDPS”.  Your permit will arrive by mail from DPS