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Thank you!  I have been putting off taking CCW course.  As a former Marine, I thought I would be bored and not learn anything.  James was great, and I’m thankful for this course.  I took the 4 hour course today 1/17/2016.  I learned a lot, and really enjoyed the class.  I feel much better about knowing my rights as an armed citizen.  Looking forward to taking future courses with Arizona Defensive Firearms Training.

Thanks again!

I decided that I needed to get an Arizona CCW and happened upon Arizona Defensive Firearms Training.  I initially sent an inquiry about the process and received a reply very quickly.  I found a class open and registered for the 4 hour CCW class.  I loved the class.  James is a seasoned police officer with 27+ years of experience.  He is very knowledgable and offers real life situations and advice, also on the perspective of how police will respond to you.  He thoroughly covered firearms safety.  He made you feel comfortable while conducting the class.  The entire CCW packet is completed in class, with his instruction, so all you have to do is send it in, with a check or money order to AZDPS.  My drive down from Northern California was will worth the trip.
Gerald B

My wife and I took the 4 hour AZCCW class on 9/10/2016 @Ben Avery Facility, James Smith was our instructor and he and his support staff did a great job! My wife has little firearms experience and she has gained a new respect for personal safety, firearm handling and most important is when lethal force is justified.

Being prior military myself, I have had a lot of tactical training – however this program brings you back into the civilian world and I found this 4 hour class superb! I would recommend this program to anyone who desires to carry, don’t just do the minimum, take the four hour program and reinforce your skills.
Kevin & Stephanie, Phoenix, AZ

Just completed the 2 hour class in San Diego for AZ CCW. Very knowledgeable and was engaging and an excellent speaker. As a police officer, he offered a unique perspective into the world of CCW. He used many “real world” examples, and answered all the questions the class presented, with clear, concise answers.

Will DEFINITELY attend another class from these guys.

Thanks again!
Michael M

I took the 2-hour CCW training from ADFT with Ken Crane as the instructor. Great class, good instructor who was very knowledgeable, answered all questions, and kept the class engaged. I’ll probably take other training from them.
Tim B 

Today I took the 4 hour course with Steve Wamsley and his two helpers. They did an excellent job at instructing. I absolutely enjoyed the class. My knowledge in firearm safety has increased greatly. And look forward to sending my wife your way! I truly recommend your training course.
Leo A

First I attended the 4 hour CCW class at Ben Avery, and I learned a lot. I am a novice shooter, and I learned a lot. They are great with newbies, but even the experienced people in my class seemed to enjoy it. One lady was really struggling with the shooting portion of the day, and the instructor was awesome with her. Really took the time to help her and not make her feel bad. His name was Ken, he was amazing. 27 years on the Phoenix police dept and it showed! He also has a masters in Education, which also showed.

Amanda S

My wife and I took the 4 hour CCW class on 4-16-16, the instructor was Sgt James Smith, we have only been shooting for a few months and wanted to become aware of rules with carrying a gun, Very helpful class to better understand the correct way to stand and shoot a gun. The class seemed to go quickly as James made it very interesting. If you haven’t taken an course this is a great class to attend.
*Mathew I

Outstanding, fact-based, example-filled classroom and range safety training from an experienced, highly trained instructor. Fast paced and engaging four hour CCW training program.

I took the program on 4.30.16: the instructor was Ken, a Phoenix police officer with 27 years of experience and plenty of real life, situational examples. It helps that he has a Master’s degree in education.

We got info about Arizona law and ramifications of our actions. For me, I appreciate receiving the simple statements to always remember, like this one from Ken: “We are responsible for every bullet that leaves our gun.”

Our class was held in a comfortable, new classroom at Ben Avery range.

Apparently, I’ve heard from people that the previous owner (before 11/2015) was “good…but he got a little cranky toward the end.” With the new guys (police officers with 3 decades of experience), you get real world examples and lots of thought-provoking “what would you do” scenarios.

I saw the instructors taking time with a couple of novices, providing info and confidence.

ADFT offers more advanced courses and training. I think I’ll sign up for them. I really feel like these guys not only deliver a strong product, but also provide a good service to the community.
*The “P”

Great, informative class, Steve Wamsley (probably spelled wrong, sorry) was great! Kept the class informative and fun the entire 4 hours. Thanks so much! I will definitely recommend you guys to my friends.
*Tracy M

Took the 2 hour afternoon CCW class taught by Ken and it was awesome! I had tons of unanswered questions (concerning laws) going into the class and left having a confident answer to all of them. Not only was the class informative, but very entertaining and a joy to go to. Ken made what could have been a dry subject something I would recommend to anyone. I know for a fact that I will be attending some of their other courses.
*Aron A