Our instructors are working Police Officers who have been involved in many critical incidents to include police shootings. Learn from professionals.  Do not take a chance with your training when your survival and freedom depend on it!

Held at Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix  Arizona, this 4 hour course consists of both indoor classroom and Live-Fire on range. Ideal for the first time shooter or anyone wishing to attend a handgun safety & marksmanship refresher handgun course. The first two (2) hours of this course is dedicated to Handgun Safety & Marksmanship (including Live-Fire) This includes approximately 1 hour power point/lecture on weapon and ammunition selection as well as the fundamental of shooing, and approximately 1 hour live fire on the range outdoors. 

The second half of the training will conclude back in the air conditioned classroom and will  focus on use of force in a self defense setting .  We will also cover the current laws as they apply to CCW, using force, travelling armed in the US, law enforcement interaction,  as well as restricted and prohibited carry locations in Arizona and more.

The final 20 minutes of class will be dedicated to the completion of the required paperwork needed to send to DPS for approval for your permit. The complete application (along with the $60.00 application fee made out to DPS) will be mailed by the student for their certification.  You will be fingerprinted during class at no additional charge.  

Equipment needed:

Handgun and 15 rounds of factory ammunition are required, along with eye & ear protection (will be provided on the range if you don’t have your own).  Sunglasses and prescription eye glasses qualify as eye protection. 

Handgun rentals are available and will include ammunition for a nominal fee available during registration. 

You do not need to be an Arizona resident to apply for an Arizona CCW permit valid in 36 states. 



4 Hour CCW Course July 27, 2016

Price: $89.00

Date: 07/27/2016

Available Spaces: 11

4 Hour CCW Course July 30, 2016

Price: $89.00

Date: 07/30/2016

Available Spaces: 12

4 Hour CCW Course August 6, 2016

Price: $89.00

Date: 08/06/2016

Available Spaces: 12

4 Hour CCW Course August 13, 2016

Price: $89.00

Date: 08/13/2016

Available Spaces: 24

4 Hour CCW Course August 20, 2016

Price: $89.00

Date: 08/20/2016

Available Spaces: 22

4 Hour CCW Course August 27, 2016

Price: $89.00

Date: 08/27/2016

Available Spaces: 25

4 Hour CCW Course September 3, 2016

Price: $89.00

Date: 09/03/2016

Available Spaces: 25